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Agranovich & Genin Legal (AGL) offers a great deal of residential and commercial sales advice, as well as representation for lenders, buyers and sellers. We also offer council on short sales, loan modification and forclosures.

Lender Representation - we assist banks and other capital lenders determine the best route for safely and effectively distributing funds.

Buyer Representation - Families and individuals searching for a new home often need strong legal council when overviewing the large number of legal documents involved. AGL specializes in respresenting both buyers and sellers.

Seller Representation - Buyers and sellers alike need to feel assured that the transaction will go smoothly and that no major legal concerns will result from the exchange. AGL has substantial experience in Seller Representation

Commercial Real Estate - Businesses seeking to lease, purchase, or sell real estate must choose their council carefully to insure that they're protected during their real estate dealings. Regardless of the transaction, AGL is committed to ensuring that the businesses handle the legal aspects of the transaction properly.

Short Sales - When a piece of property loses equity, sometimes short sales are necessary to protect other assets and remove losses from a business or individuals balance sheet. AGL knows the process and can manage all of the terms.

Loan Modification - In today's consistently changing market, loans are changing faster than the underlying paperwork can be filled out. AGL excels in rewriting loans, providing documentation for new loans and advising on what the best route is for your personal situation.

Foreclosures - The foreclosure process can sometimes be very emotionally distressing and cause alot of strain on families. On the otherhand, foreclosures are sometimes necessary when making ends meet is simply impossible. AGL will work hard on a personal level to ensure you're protected and that you're aware of all of the steps in the process, as well as what they mean.





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