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June 2009

Agranovich & Genin Legal are please to announce the integration of their online Paypal payments center into thier website. This feature will conveniently enable clients to recieve invoices through email, and safely and securely make payments through their computer at work or home.

For more information on making a payment please refer to the 'Payments' button on the top horizontal navigation bar on the right hand side.

May 2009

In order to better communicate with the legal community, Agranovich & Genin Legal LLC has launched a blog:

Feel free to browse our past posts and post messages with questions or comments.

April 2009

The new company website is officially launched. is now an official resource for local clients and legal professionals to use for research and communication with the associates of the firm.

Agranovich & Genin Legal LLC has also launched a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page which outline the use of this website. Please refer to them by clicking the links on the bottom of each page.




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