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Business Law Service

It is both exciting an inspiring to see a young generation of a very talented entrepreneurs become successful.

Whether you are part of a family-owned business in need of legal advice, looking to buy a small business and have no idea where to start or need to complete “due diligence”, selling all or part of your business or forming a new corporation, in need of operating or shareholder’s agreement or are in the middle of a dispute with your co-owners, need to decide whether to invest your money in business as additional capital or a loan, need to know your legal rights and develop a wise legal strategy or in need of an exit strategy, deciding whether you should avoid litigation or file a lawsuit or in the process of obtaining financing or refinancing your business assets, we at AGLegal Boston will give you the information empowering you to decide what your next step will be.

Over the past decade, we had a privilege of successfully working with a variety of small business owners across a broad range of complex legal matters. This wide variety of small businesses has included dental offices, eyewear stores, bakeries and food service delivery companies, restaurants, software development companies, printing businesses and real estate developers, mold remediation companies and real estate holdings, adult day care and hospice care providers, private lending businesses and accountants, dance studios, furniture stores and pharmacies - just to name a few.

We understand how frustrating not knowing what the next step should be when you own the business and face legal issue. We would give you an honest assessment of the situation that would empower you with tools to make the right decision every time.

Our Services in Business Law include:

  • Business Formation and Decisions on the type of Entity to be formed;
  • Initial discussion with business owners and drafting of the Operating or Shareholder’s Agreements;
  • Contracts Review and Drafting;
  • Drafting of business Policies and Procedures and Environmental Office Review and Compliance;
  • Drafting HR Files;
  • Commercial Lease Reviews and Drafting;
  • Exit Strategy and Negotiations;
  • Mediations between partners;
  • Acquisition and Sale of Businesses;
  • Commercial Financing and Refinancing, Business and Assets Based Financing;
  • Holding, Management and Operating Entities Consulting and Liability Assessments;


If you have any questions about the legal services that AGL offers, please contact us. Our team is available to answer your questions.






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