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Real Estate Services


For more than 15 years, attorneys at AGLegal proudly represent lenders, buyers and sellers alike.

Our attorneys will provide guidance and assistance at every step of the real estate transaction to ensure your interests are zealously protected.

We work on purchases, sales and refinances, including but not limited to drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase and sales contracts, condominium documents review and drafting, review of plans and surveys, searching and providing advice on title issues, conducting closings, dispersing proceeds and ensuring clear titles.


Buyer Representation

If you are First Time Homebuyer - you are our favorite client!

We strongly believe that every client deserves to be informed and educated every step of the way when they buy their house. This is especially true when you buy your first house!

We do not believe in legal services where you meet your attorney at the Closing for the first time! You can and should learn from this experience and there is no better way to do so than to have your attorney educate you! We encourage you to ask questions, because this is not the right time to pretend to know everything!

Not only should you work with an attorney who would keep you informed every step of the way of your home buying process- you should start working with that attorney way before you make your first offer!

We do not believe that clients cannot understand what is going into negotiations of the Purchase and Sales Agreement because we believe that all people are inherently smart! - if they do not understand- someone did not find the right way to explain it to them!

If you want, as you should, to have an attorney who cares, someone you can reach when you have a question and someone who will personally handle your home buying process in Massachusetts - you are in good hands at AGLegal.


Seller Representation

Buyers and Sellers alike need to feel assured that the transaction will go smoothly and that no major legal concern would arise last minute! We have years of experience representing Sellers in direct sales, exchanges and 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges and strive to make Selling process easy and minimize what may seem like an overwhelming number of legal documents involved.

We coordinate documents executions with our Seller Clients in advance to ensure that the transaction is smooth and easy and handled in a least time-consuming manner as possible.


Lender Representation

In almost two decades of business, we have established a great working relationship with most in state lenders and financial institutions.


Commercial Real Estate

We represent clients in the purchase, sale, financing, leasing and development of commercial real estate. Our past projects involve development of commercial medical offices, dental offices, gas stations, restaurants, and real estate developments, including condominium developments (both residential and mixed-use) and commercial.

Commercial transactions can be as straight forward as acquisition and management of multi-family rental property to a commercial development. Our experienced attorneys would handle every transaction with personalized approach and undivided attention to details.


Condominium Law / Condominium Conversions

Over the years we worked with small and large developers alike in assisting them with creation of small condominiums and large condominium projects.

Our services can be engaged on a both “as needed” basis, as well as comprehensively, starting with the review of the project and all the steps, evaluation of risks and liabilities, as well as costs and determining the most optimal development, guidance and referrals to the lenders financing and drafting of the condominium documents and deeds.


If you have any questions about the legal services that AGL offers, please contact us. Our team is available to answer your questions.






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